In 2009, SLIS embarked on the process of developing and building a digital laboratory to support teaching and research in the areas of digitization, digital libraries, and digital preservation. This site documents progress to-date on this project.

Functions of the Digital Laboratory

  1. Provide equipment for digital imaging and audiovisual digitization to support teaching and research in the digital libraries and digital preservation specialties;
  2. Provide students with top-notch instruction in the creation of digital surrogates and associated metadata;
  3. Provide faculty with resources to create collections for use in digital libraries and digital preservation courses and research projects;
  4. Provide local institutions with resources to convert collections to digital form and preserve digital collections through collaborations with faculty and students.

Mock-ups of Space (Floorplan)

Architect's Drawing of New Digital Laboratory Space

Digital Laboratory Workstations

Here is a PDF showing the four types of workstations that will be installed in the laboratory.

Before Photos

Old Student Lab (taken from door)
Bookshelves to be removed and door to be sealed off (which led to student lounge)
Part of Student Lounge to be Annexed for Imaging Alcove