Digital Laboratory Open!

Laboratory space to support coursework in the digital libraries and preservation areas was completed in 2010. For more information about this facility, please check out the SLIS website here:

Digital Libraries and Preservation Laboratory Coming Soon!

SLIS is pleased to announce that new laboratory space to support the digital libraries and preservation areas will soon be available. Equipment and resources will include additional flatbed scanners, a Kaiser book cradle with book copying easel, audio and video digitization stations, and software to support digital libraries and preservation courses.

Construction to Begin on Digital Laboratory

Renovations to the space that will be occupied by the digital laboratory will begin in the second week of May 2010. Renovations will include the creation of a separate alcove for the large format digital imaging workstation, as well as new carpet, new furniture, projection equipment, and installation of new storage for equipment and collections. The target date for completing this work will be the beginning of the summer session (June 14, 2010) but may extend into July.